Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday is a day of rest

What does it take to make this AWESOME bowl of oats?

These ingredients!

2/3 cup of lite coconut milk
1 x-large banana
1/3 cup goji oatmeal blend
1 tbsp shredded coconut flakes
1 tbsp toasted & chopped almonds and pecans (unpictured)

Creamy, sweet, perfect. The coconut milk wasn't as flavorful as I thought it would be but worked well paired with the shredded coconut.

Then it was off to work! Homemade iced coffee with 1/3 hazelnut and 2/3 decaf paired with a sliver of the SOFTEST BEST COOKIE ever. I picked up these 'soft bake' dark chocolate chunk cookies on a whim before work and had to try one out ... sort of wish I didn't because I cannot stop eating them!!!!!

See? While I captured this nibble, another entire cookie was consumed throughout the day and managed to elude the camera ...

For my lunch I had my favourite combo in a rice wrap. This is hands down the best tortilla shell I've ever had, it's chewy, doughy, and has a really light flavor!

Hummus, Apple slices, Havarti, and mixed greens. Sharp cheddar will always be my favourite with apples although it's nice to mix things up.

Spent the first part of lunch break walking to Whole Foods to breathe in some fresh air and to pick up 4 cans of pumpkin! Was it heavy? Oh Yes. Worth it? Indubitably. The rest of lunch was spent doing homework at Blenz with a cup of dark roast/decaf. I added in a shot of full-fat cream to my coffee and it was delicious!!! The difference between cream and skim milk really shocked me. What delusion have I been living in all this time? Go big or go home from now on.

Skipped my planned afternoon snack because the cookies filled me up and I wanted to be hungry for dinner! I picked up a medium spaghetti squash a few days ago and after seeing this recipe on countless food blogs I finally decided to give it a try tonight. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to cut this thing in half and thought my knife would snap in the process. It didn't! (Thankfully because it's not really my knife, it's my landlord's ...) I put half the squash in a tupperware container with a half-inch of water at the bottom and nuked it for 6.5 minutes.

Then I scraped out the insides using a fork to get a huge bowl of this.

In the process I got hungry and munched on the butt of a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread.

Cut up a chicken sausage and heated it in tomato sauce.

Mix mix mix! A big delicious bowl of Spaghetti Squash! While the squash tasted nothing like Spaghetti, I really liked the nutrients it offers and this entire bowl of squash was only around 110 calories. (The chicken and sauce added an additional 220 to it) This is a good meal to eat when you want a big bowl of warmness to fill your tummy!

And for dessert I had my afternoon fruit + dairy. A cut up Barlett Pear in the remains of a container of honey greek yogurt. (I go through two of these a week ... it's an expensive addiction) Linda suggested I add some lemon juice to lessen the fruit browning but I clearly forgot today. It was still delicious though!

Tomorrow is back to the grind with another long day on campus. Having good food prepared always makes the day more bearable though!


  1. Your butternut squash looks good! My sister always adds some salt and pepper and it really gives it a good flavour! The squash really tastes like a carb and LOOKS like one too. amazing!
    What's 1/3 cup goji oatmeal blend?? Do you eat raw oats???
    That cookie looks so good and evil..

  2. No, I don't eat raw oats! It's just quick oats mixed with dried blueberries and goji berries. I like the berries because it gives my oatmeal a nice chewiness. Salt and pepper would've been a great idea! I never think to add those to my meals though .. next time I want to make Alfredo Spaghetti Squash so I'll be sure to add the S&P.

    The cookies are really really good for pre-packaged cookies. They're 170calories and each though so eating 2 does QUITE A BIT OF DAMAGE. The good news is that they're organic and have wholesome ingredients. (no fructose corn syrup, etc) I hid them in a very very high cupboard and am pushing them to the back of my mind until Thursday when Al comes over and will hopefully terminate their sinful existence. :)