Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cake for breakfast, Pie for lunch, Toffee for dinner

When your day is already this good at 7am. There is little room for improvement.

But first, I began my day (of eats) with this sliced ripe peach! Sprinkled some cinnamon on and ate it with a knife and fork. I kid you not when I say this peach took 20 minutes to eat.

My sweet tooth was left tingling after this and I decided to fish out an old favourite from the back of the freezer. A deep chocolate vita-top!! Popped in the microwave for 17 seconds and then toasted until crusty. These 100cal guys have 9g of fibre (!!!), 4g of protein and more vitamins than an apple. Best of all, they taste like chocolate cake.

I sliced mine in half and smeared it liberally with some organic crunch peanut butter. Oh yes ... warm, gooey, chocolatey, perfeect.

After a frantic morning running all around campus, I managed to study for a short while before consuming lunch. A slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread (new favourite) and the other half of yesterday's spaghetti squash. I mixed in 2tbsp of lite maple syrup and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon and the bowl of squash ended up tasting like apple pie. Not sure how it happened, it just did and I am grateful.

Because I had another group meeting tonight, dinner came in bar form once again. Peanut Toffee Buzz this time and it was really good. The sweeter Clif bars are like candy bars to me and who can complain about having a candy bar for dinner?

I was really really hungry by the time I got home and had a huge Honeycrisp apple.

And to finish off the night (and my sweet tooth) a bowl of Strawberry greek yogurt. So rich and creamy ... I think I might like this more than ice cream.

Tomorrow's schedule:

6:00am - Wakeup & get ready for work
7:40am - Commute to work
12:00pm - Run some errands during lunch break
4:00pm - Commute home
4:40pm - Grocery shop
5:15pm - Arrive home, read the case (assigned at 5pm)
7:00pm - ??? - Group comes over to work on case
10:30pm - BF comes over for the weekend!!

Even though I have class on Friday, it feels like my weekend is soooo close. Just one case assignment to get through and I will be homework free until Monday!!!! (After which hardcore midterm studying will occur)

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