Saturday, October 9, 2010

Calorie Bomb!

After a long two weeks it was finally Friday! There's still a case assignment that separated me from the weekend which has spilled over to this morning ... but let's start with yesterday at 6am.

Was in a cereal mood and had a mix of Kashi honey sunshine and smart bran psyllium topped with a chopped peach. Splash of almond milk. Cereal is so simple and satisfying.

Lunch was some leftover shirataki noodles from Thursday mixed with 4 egg whites, (for protein) some tomato sauce, and garlic seasoning which was not the best idea since I had to eat it during finance class.

It tasted good though!

Lunch part two was crackers with a mix of Edam and Aged cheddar cheese. This was perfect for discreet eating during class.

Then it was build your own pizza time! Picked up these new thin pizza crusts which were pretty disappointing because they were flimsy and could not support the massive amounts of toppings. (Less toppings is not a viable solution).

BF's pizza always looks so neat!

Unlike mine ...

Exterior appearance does not affect taste though!

The bottle of Merlot that was consumed was unpictured ... how does that always happen?? It resulted in this beautiful beast however. About 3/4 a litre of vanilla ice cream blended with 8 chewy chocolate chunk cookies and a splash of milk. Friday nights are now build your own McFlurry nights as well! This was delicious and tasted like frozen cookie dough. (it practically was) I did a rough caloric estimates. Ice cream: 620, Cookies: 1360(!!!) divide into two servings and each was a CALORIE BOMB OF 990 calories!!!!

Some things in life are worth it though. :) Time to get back to working on my case. Group is coming over at 10am and we hope to have it completed by 1pm which leaves ample time to watch TV in bed!

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