Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good things come in twos

Pre-exam breakfasts are so so so important, and even though my exam wasn't until 6pm, I made sure I got in all the food groups this morning! (Breakfast food groups, that is ...)

Apples + Cinnamon, Raisin Toast + Margarine, Eggs + Ketchup!

Coffee + Report on Business

Got to school a little early and decided to get a large half&half from Tim's with 1 cream. Did you know 1 cream for a Tim Horton's large is like 3 normal creams? I looked it up after my usual lunch hour had gone by and my systems showed no symptoms of needing fuel. The reason? 70-100 calories of cream! Next time I'll stick to starbucks where I can pour my own.

Later lunch break means more time to study though! And I finally took a lunch break with the report on arts! Featuring 3/5 of the cast from Big Bang Theory (fav show and now the number 1 show in Canada!)

Crackers + Cheese

Carrots + Hummus

I swear I didn't sit at the same spot all day. I went to class from 12-3 and came back to study more before my exam.

Luna Bar + the final hour!

The exam went quite well and I'm pleased with how I did. No time to celebrate though because it's straight home and prep for tomorrow night's meeting!

Greek yogurt + Some TV before bed

Not going to work tomorrow and going to try to catch up on school.

Tentative schedule (if all goes according to plan)

6:30 - rise n' shine!
7:00 - breakfast
7:30 - start & finish Real Estate Investment assignment (fingers crossed)
11:00 - lunch break
12:00 - study for International Currency (Problem sets 2,3)
2:30 - coffee break
3:00 - prep 486R!
5:30 - dinner time
6:00 - bus to meeting
7:00 - 486R meeting
10:00 - come home & more International Currency studying
11:00 - bed

If I can finish everything on that list I will be well on track for Friday! Otherwise I'm in for a stressful weekend of trying to balance class & studying. One day at a time for now ...

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