Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tasty Messes!

Productive breaks are what blogging becomes during midterm season.

The theme of tonight's post is tasty messes!

Starting with breakfast, greek yogurt + overripe peach + bran psylliums ...

stir, stir, stir = tasty mess!

Lunch was some cottage cheese + the last of a can of pumpkin + pumpkin granola ...

stir, stir, stir = tasty mess!

Midafternoon snack of grande half&half (caf/decaf) starbucks with half&half (milk/cream) and a chopped barlett pear. I added lemon juice this time per Linda's suggestion but it didn't seem to make a difference in the browning of the fruit.

Dinner needed to be quick and easy because I left studying for my International Business midterm until the last minute! A bowl of shirataki noodles + 1 egg + 2 egg whites + lotsa tomato sauce ...

this mess was so tasty I went back for seconds! (More noodles + tomato sauce)

And for a study treat, half a chopped honeycrisp apple nuked in cinnamon and topped with more greek yogurt. (No I didn't overdo the dairy today ... )

This one wasn't messy because I didn't stir, but it still was tasty!

Gearing up for another crazy two weeks ...

Wednesday: International Business Midterm
Thursday: 486R Group Meeting
Friday: Real Estate Investment project due
Saturday: 486R Class all day long (and night)
Sunday: more 486R fun followed by a full night of International Currency cramming
Monday: International Currency Midterm (!!!)
Tuesday: Work all day
Wednesday: 486R Group Meeting
Thursday: Work all day
Friday: Real Estate Investment Midterm + 486R case assigned
Saturday: 486R Case due at 5pm -> lots and lots and lots of wine.

I'm really worried about the International Currency midterm mostly because my prof does not know how to teach! I also want to be extremely prepared for class this weekend because I need to up my class participation marks. (Interim assessments came tonight by way of email and they were not optimal) It's an uphill climb until Monday but hopefully things will get easier from there on. But for now, back to IB cramming!!!!

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  1. Wow, I need to go find those zero calorie noodles! Also weird that your pears still turned brown =(. Maybe add more lemon/lime juice? (thought it compromises the sweet taste..).