Monday, October 11, 2010

Zzzzzzzzzzz ...

Woke up this morning with zero appetite and all I could manage was this large peach and a couple mugs of hot tea.

By the time lunch rolled around I decided that I should probably eat some real food and had a slice of toast with sunflower butter on one side and peanut butter on the other. It looks like a brain.

Part of the reason why I didn't really feel like eating today was because I stuffed myself silly on Sunday of pumpkin pie and ice cream. Thus the only thing my body was craving was pumpkin, and I whipped up this concoction to try to appease it.

I nuked half a chopped honeycrisp apple with half a cup of pumpkin and a liberal dash of cinnamon. Then I mixed in a quarter cup of cottage cheese.

This was really good. Like crustless pumpkin pie.

Dinner was a can of tuna mixed with miracle whip and dijon mustard atop a bed of spinach leaves on a whole grain wrap. I toasted the wrap so it was slightly crispy and added some onions for an extra kick.

Mmmm onion breath.

Had to have an early dinner because I was off to the Canucks game!!

Won these seats in the company draw and they were the best seats I've ever had! 8 rows above the goalie's net.

3 hours of cheering my lungs out and 1 16oz of diet coke later. I am fully ready to hit the sack with half a cup of strawberry greek yogurt and the newest issue of cosmo. (Katy Perry was on the cover! I couldn't say no ...) Night guys! Zzzzz..

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  1. Hey! Your bowl of apples, pumpkin, cottage cheese and cinnamon looks really good! ..much better than my concoction haha. Never use fat free no sugar yogurt. I still haven't been able to track down any greek yogurt but learned in class that it is basically yogurt that I made with cream instead of milk,!! And those seats look niicee, u mustve been excited!