Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Midterm 15

I'm convinced that every October, December, February, and April, the average weight of university students increases due to all the stress (and therefore procrastination found in the form of junk food) and lack of physical movement.

Today was one such day when I stayed at home all day with my nose buried in a textbook (or three).

I motivated myself to get out of bed bright n' early with a special something I've been saving for a while now!

Oats in an Almond Butter Jar!

Made sure to leave lots of AB residue this time (about 1.5-2tbsp?) for maximum yumness.

The rest of what went in was 1/3 cup quick oats, 1 large banana, sprinkle of cinnamon, and 1/4 cup of ginger granola.
Reaching the bottom of the jar was so flippin' delicious. I've solely missed my AB but need to finish more of my other nut butters before I can justify opening my other jar. Right now in the pantry: 1/2 jar of organic unsalted PB, 1/4 jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, and a practically full jar of Sunflower Butter.

To procrastinate the start of a study day. I had this orange with a glass of lemon water. :)

Fueled by the power of nut butter! I plowed through my Real Estate assignment and lunch felt well deserved by noon. Since I rarely eat lunch at home anymore, I made a tasting plate of all my favourites.

Chopped honeycrisp (the only kind of apple I eat now), honey sesame kashis, aged white cheddar, lemon hummus, and some toasted walnuts.

Sauteed Kale and roasted broccoli dipped in ketchup. This was my first time roasting broccoli and it was almost as easy and quick as boiling. I think I will switch to this method more often since boiled broccoli apparently loses up to 66% of its flavanoids.

Lunch was so fun to eat I didn't want it to end! Procrastinated a little bit longer with a cup of hot coffee and a biscoff cookie. Saw these in London Drugs before work last week and I had wanted to try them for a while! They are crispy gingerbread-like cookies and taste amazing dipped in coffee.

Had another during my 'coffee break' 3 hours later.

And before I knew it, dinner rolled around! I wanted some protein and decided that the vehicle of choice would be protein pancakes!

These two pancakes turned out beautifully. In the batter was 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/8 cup whole wheat flour and lots of cinnamon. They didn't taste chocolaty at all and had a mild sweet flavor.

I had on the side a little cup of peach and yogurt. (Not greek because I ran out, but this stuff is really thick!)

Fluffy they were not. But definitely protein-laden and perfect smeared with lots of margarine + lite maple syrup.

Even though I didn't need this, once again the urge to procrastinate hit and I had another cup of peach + yogurt with the added benefit of granola.

Yum!!!! But oooof I am stuffed and a bit cranky from overeating. This is what a day of studying does to me! Luckily it's only 6pm and I still have a 3 hour meeting on campus to jet off to so I'm sure it will be nice and digested by bedtime.

Back to the books I go!

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  1. Veggies + ketchup!? For me that's a weird combo. I eat chicken with ketchup though LOL. Your pancakes look yumyum! Yay for home-cooked/prepped meals! I'm glad you're working hard! Fighting!