Friday, October 15, 2010

I hate fridays

Fridays used to be the best day of the week but with weekend courses and 24hr rush cases they are now my least favourite day.

To make this morning a little more bearable I had my favourites. Half a sliced honeycrisp.

And a chocolate vitatop + peanut butter.

7:15am meets a little decadence. Since I've been holding off on opening more almond butter I have begun to once again appreciate the wonder that is plain peanut butter.

After breakfast I rushed off to school to get a few solid hours of studying done. Lunch was a sub-par tuna wrap. The tuna was great but I forgot to toast the tortilla and it was flimsy and tasteless.

I had intended to stay on campus after class to study but the atmosphere of being surrounded by students overjoyed for the weekend was too depressing and I quickly left after eating an excellent grapefruit.

I read in the paper today about how good beans are for you and picked up a few cans on my way home. Canned beans are cheap, easy, and a good source of protein. I roasted some broccoli and kale in the toaster oven and microwaved a half cup of beans in maple syrup. Yes I dip my vegetables in ketchup. It's amazing.

Then after a few more productive hours of studying I breaked for a snack. This is the usual half cup of pumpkin with some cottage cheese and honey greek yogurt.

Going to go read one last chapter before calling it a night. I have two long days of 486R fun ahead of me which are utterly exhausting but also extremely rewarding. The classes always push me outside of my comfort zone and force me to think in new ways.

But that's enough blabbing and my brain is seriously fried! See you guys tomorrow!

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