Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halfway done!

Another weekend of 486R class is under my belt, and this officially marks the halfway point in the course. Since we get Halloween weekend off, that's 3 whole weeks before our next class!

Started Saturday morning off with a bowl of overnight oats. I really like the consistency of overnight oats especially mixed with cereal. I used half greek yogurt and half milk for this bowl and the yogurt really thickened up the oats.

Topped with some bran psylliums and a chopped peach.

Snacks for the weekend included a Lemonzest Lunabar, a Dark Cherry Almond Clif Bar, carrot slices and a little mandarin orange. I ended up snacking on the carrot and orange and had the Clif Bar for dinner.

Lunch was an array of sushi, buffet style! I had about twice the amount shown here, these were HUGE pieces and so filling.

And an afternoon snack of a small multiberry scone and an apple turnover. Breakfast is provided on class weekends but they consist of chocolate muffins, giant chocolate croissants, and other delicious sugarladen pastries generally unfitting for breakfast. I try my best to eat at home and to stay away but I guess this was a moment of weakness!

Fast forward to this morning and I heated up half a chopped apple (which I had mistaken for a honeycrisp but was NOT!! could definitely taste the difference ..) and topped with a spoonful of greek yogurt.

Followed with a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon-raisin bread slathered liberally with chocolate peanut butter. This was my way of compensating for the lack of chocolate croissants and muffins.

Lunch was the leftover Luna Bar from Saturday and some watermelon.

Class ended early today at 2pm and I had a simple dinner of chicken sausage and roasted broccoli.

Followed by some greek yogurt + peach which promptly induced a nap.

After a few hours of studying for my midterm (tomorrow, yikes!) I ended the night with some pumpkin + cottage cheese + chocolate protein powder. I can't get enough of canned pumpkin!! It's delicious and oh-so-healthy for you and goes with just about anything. If only it wasn't so darn expensive I could eat a can a day.

Tomorrow's schedule:

6:30am - get up
8:00am - bus to school
9:00am - midterm study sesh with a friend
1:00pm - Real Estate Investment Class
2:00pm - International Business Class
3:00pm - more studying ....
6:30pm - International Currency Midterm
8:00pm - done with midterm!!! go home and do absolutely nothing!!!!!!

And this week at a glance:

Wednesday: Class + Study on campus for midterm
Thursday: Work
Friday: Real Estate Investment Midterm, 486R Case assigned at 5pm
Saturday: 486R Case due at 5pm

Thankfully the midterm on Friday is in-class so it'll be over with fast. A lot of prep needs to go into it still but thankfully it'll be all downhill after tomorrow is over. I thought this weekend would be really draining and stressful but I feel pretty good about the midterm tomorrow but I guess we'll see tomorrow!

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  1. Oh man all your food looks good! I'm so glad you sent me those luna+clif bars. They really are a god and quick meal replacement! Also your sushi looks way delicious! Chopped scallop nigiri!!!!!