Monday, November 8, 2010

1 cup minimum

I have a couple rules when it comes to eating ...

Smoothies always taste better blended with greens. (190cal)

Cookies are appropriate at 9am if they're served with coffee. (100cal)

No such thing as too many carrots. (80cal)

If you've had lots of little snacks in a row, it counts as lunch. (180cal)

A portion of rice counts as whatever fits inside your bowl. (360cal)

Never refuse a home-made, fresh out of the oven cookie. (100cal)

And the most important rule of all. A serving of ice cream requires a minimum of 1 cup. The back of the package is lying to you. (340cal and yes that is cookie #2)

(Unpictured eats include a dark chocolate smoothie during my afternoon class today - 210cal)

Total Eats: 1560!

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