Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shufflin' Around

It's getting colder outside which means each morning I crave warm oatmeal a little bit more and cold smoothies a little bit less. Tim Horton's has a new line of oatmeal out for $1.99 which is extremely healthy for you! (Much more so than their bagels/muffins/other sodium and fat loaded breakfast choices) My 486R prof (the chairman of the Heart & Stroke foundation) was one of the key players in advocating for healthier breakfast choices at Tim Hortons, so proud to be taking his class!!

Anyhow, I'm out of spinach (boooo) so decided to add some blueberries in my vanilla smoothie. It turned the thing purple! I'm sad to say as exciting as the color was, it didn't taste good. The sweetness of the blueberries totally didn't work with the vanilla flavor. (sooo weird because blueberries are usually awesome with vanilla yogurt)

Then I had 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a carrot, and a tbsp of roasted red pepper hummus.

Breakfast: 321 calories

Which should've held me over fine but I was starving by 10am!!!! I tried all the tricks like drinking tea, eating mints, distracting myself with work, but it didn't help. I was truly hungry! Gave in to hunger at 10:30 (pretty sure the girls in the cubicle across from mine were wondering what those rumbling noises were!) and had my lunch on a napkin. (Classy, I know!) 1 whole wheat WW bagel w cream cheese and a yogurt.

Then I had the remaining 2/3 of the Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar from last week. Sooooo good ... I actually bought more of these this morning and now have a stash in my "junk food" drawer.

Lunch: 450 calories

Afternoon snack at 2:30 was a Christmas Blend with Starbucks (favourite roast) and half an apple with some green grapes.

And a little while later I wanted something salty and dug in to this bag of Onion Rings! I used to eat the Asian version of these all the time as a kid.

Afternoon Snack: 180 calories

Lately I've been struggling with eating junk food after dinner. I always want something sweet after dinner regardless of how full I am and it's usually either chocolate or ice cream. This wouldn't be a problem except I have dinner really early (usually around 5pm) and if I start snacking at 5pm then I don't stop for a while! I think I finally figured out the solution to this dilemma though! I had a chocolate smoothie for dinner and blended it with soymilk so it was extra thick, I added in a ton of ice cubes too and ate it with a spoon. Tonight was Chocolate Peanut Butter - it's much easier not snacking after dinner when your dinner tastes like dessert. Yuuuuum!

I also needed to satisfy my ketchup craving and while rummaging around the cupboards for a tiny dippin' bowl I found this quarter cup measuring cup! It was the perfect size and I actually measured out a serving of ketchup! :D (More like 1.5 servings ..)

Dinner: 315 calories

Total so far: 1266 calories (today I tracked using Livestrong) and for the rest of November I'm going to try to stay between 1200 - 1550. I'm sure there'll be cheat days but so far so good! Off to a 486R meeting at Blenz now ... must avoid those jumbo chocolate rice krispies ...

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