Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday #2

I almost forgot today was Weigh-in-Wednesday! This week has been such a whirlwind.

First off (just to keep myself accountable) I had half an apple and some grapes after my meeting last night bringing my daily total up to 1371 calories.

And on to today's eats!

A near-expiration yogurt with half an apple.

And the usual smoothie (still spinachless) eaten out of a bowl! The vanilla ones are never as thick as the chocolate but it was still fun to eat this guy with a spoon.

Breakfast (350 calories)

Did some errands on campus before having my lunch in three parts! Made me feel like I was in high school again. Sandwich, fruit, and snack. All that's missing is a juice box but I did have coffee which is the grown-up version. :)

The other half of the apple, some green grapes, and carrots.

A Sunflower Butter and Blueberry Jelly ww thin sandwich. This is the best butter+jelly combo EVER.

And then some honey roasted cashews. I bought these last night and immediately separated them into pre-portioned baggies ... these are one of the foods that I can exercise no self-control around! (Ice cream and wine being the two obvious other)And since one little nut is 10 calories, a handful can do quite some damage.

Total Lunch: 466 calories (160 from the cashews!!)

During my last class today I got super hungry and had to dig in to my emergency Luna stash. Ate 1/2 of a caramel nut brownie ... good thing too because I ended up staying on campus a little later than I expected.

Afternoon snack: 90 calories

The whole bus ride home I couldn't stop thinking about pizza so I made some for dinner. This is hands down the best pizza I have made! Super simple but all the flavors were awesome. I folded a thick tortilla wrap in half and put tomato sauce on both layers (which made them stick) and topped with sliced muchrooms, onions, and mozzarella cheese. Mushroom pizza is my FAV. I also had a celery stalk with hot sauce because my 486R team member said she loved the combo and I thought I should bulk up my meal with something green. It was a tasty combo!

Oooey-gooey and super healthy.

Dinner: 335 calories

After dinner snack #1.

But I really wanted ...

Dessert: 240 calories

Which was well-deserved because I kicked ass on midterms this year! :D All this hermiting paid off.

Total for the day: 1486 calories!

Things I did well this week:

1. No binging or guilt associated with overeating! This is a big deal for me, especially the not-beating-myself up after eating 4 servings of cookies like on this day. (In fact, I even made sure that I put every serving on a plate instead of grabbing them out of the bag)
2. Ate things that I truly wanted to, not because I thought I should. This included not drinking Myoplex Lite Smoothies just to get my 2-in-a-day, but only drinking them when I actually wanted to.
3. NO CHOCOLATE FESTS. Hallelujah that phase is over, I still had bits of chocolate here and there but this is definitely not like two weeks ago when I ate my weight in chocolate everyday.

Things I can improve on:
1. Too much snacking. I haven't been sticking to my under-150cal-of-junk-food-a-day rule even though I've tried. Maybe it's an unrealistic target at this point so I will up it to 200cal and see how I do with that. I also can't function on 6 small meals a day (tend to overeat every small meal so they turn into 6 big meals) so I want to focus on 3 big meals a day and a mid-afternoon and a post-dinner snack.
2. Dessert after dinner. Dessert is fine, but for some reason I always need it after dinner (when I'm usually full) and then crave more for the rest of the night. I am going to try to keep after-dinner dessert to later in the night. (8pm-9pm)
3. Staying in target! I did some more BMR and Caloric Needs calculations and I should try to stay under 1550 every day. (1200 - 1550 range) I started tracking calories on to keep a more accurate count. I'm going to try to limit high days to 1 day a week. (But still under 2300)

All in all, I feel like my mind is back on the right track! The only weigh to go is up (but more like down) from here. :) Harhar.

Weigh-in number 2:

132.2lb, up 1.2lb from last Wednesday.

Not surprised that I went up, when I used to weigh myself daily I always found that my weight would spike a certain week of the month (to do with hormones?)and then go back down. It used to FREAK ME out because I'd wake up and weigh up to 6lb more than the day before because usually evens out by the next week. I'm feeling great and that's what counts, tune in next week for another exciting chapter of Weigh-in Wednesday!

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