Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day of remembrance

The 11th of November is a very special day to me because it makes me think about several important people in my life. Prior to joining the military, I always knew this day as my mom's birthday, and every year when this day rolls around I am reminded of how grateful and lucky I am to have her. Then 4 (almost 5!) years ago when I joined the military, the day took on a much more solemn meaning to commemorate the efforts of many of my colleagues and friends who've served overseas. Just this past year year my cousin Loney (who I lived in the same house with growing up) joined the army as a full-time officer and today for the first time I thought of how proud I am to have him in my life as well.

Seriousness aside, today's eats!

Usual 6:30am yogurt + half an apple + hummus.

Really didn't want a cold smoothie this morning so I had some cream cheese instead. (and a bagel on the side ...)

Breakfast: 370 calories

Bussed on campus to attend the remembrance day ceremony at War Memorial Gym with my friend Z and stayed afterwards to study . By the time the ceremony ended (12pm) it was waaaay past my lunchtime and my stomach was imploding.

Some Cheese Gnocchi with pasta sauce and mixed veggies. (Carrots/Cauliflower/Broccoli/Mushrooms)

Then a carrot, 1/2 an apple, and some green grapes for munching.

Lunch: 492 calories

The faculty got waaaay too cold afterwards so Z and I walked to the campus cafe to study instead. I got a really good half decaf Americano with a shot of cream.

Afternoon snack: 50 calories

Even thought it was really cold and gross outside I wanted nothing more than celery and hot sauce for dinner. So I started with that (and some cucs and salsa) ...

then decided I needed something more substantial for dinner and had a Chocolate Mint Myoplex Lite smoothie. These chocolate ones get SOOOO THICK! I don't know why the Vanilla doesn't because these are so much better in milkshake consistency.

Dinner: 275 calories

Shortly after I snacked on half a large pomegranate. I forgot how addictive these are! They're pretty expensive though so I can't imagine buying them as often as I do grapes and apples. ($3 for one fruit which lasts me AT MOST 2 servings)

And I managed to limit myself to 1/2 cup of ice cream tonight. I don't think this has ever happened before!

Dessert: 235 calories

Total: 1422 calories

Tomorrow is Friday, and another one of my 486R case assignments. Honestly I do not feel prepared at all but only 1 more day after that until my weekend!! (Sadly ... every second Sat night and Sunday) I have a tendency to not pick up phone calls, respond to emails, or communicate with the outside world during that time period. Sneaky sneaky.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. "(and a bagel on the side ...)" HAHA love it.
    you really have a sweet tooth :D