Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three Course Weekend

So yesterday I woke up wanting to eat breakfast during class like everyone else but needed a little something to tide me until 8:45am. I had half an apple with hummus, grapes, and yogurt.

And snagged a Chocolate Banana Chip muffin for breakfast along with some honeydew/watermelon. The muffin was ENORMOUS. Easily the size of two regular muffins and filled with chocolate chips. Nothing healthy about this pastry, I ended up eating it throughout the day.

And tried this little sugar cookie, it was yummy.

Lunch was sushi and there were two trays available. Maki and nigiri, (pictured) I ate about 6 pieces of these and just ate the tops off of a few more.

In the afternoon, we took a Ben&Jerry's ice cream break. One of the girls in the class is a marketing rep for Ben&Jerry's and brought a cooler full of pints of the cookies n' cream flavor for the class. It was really rich and sweet, almost too much! I had what was pictured here plus two more refills. (non-negotiable ones because she topped my cup off whenever she saw that it was getting empty) After the break the class got into a discussion about the prevalence of trans fats and sodium in today's foods (our prof is also the national chairman of the Heart & Stroke foundation) which made me feel a little bit guilty!

After class, my group decided to go out for dinner while we discussed our assignment for the night. We originally wanted to go to Banana Leaf, an excellent Malaysian restaurant near my house, but after driving by and seeing the long line-up outside, decided to go to Tomato Fresh Cafe instead.

Tomato is just down the street from Banana Leaf and I've gone there previously for their Brunch. They specialize in healthy comfort foods and while I wasn't expecting much out of their dinner menu, I was pleasantly surprised.

We started with a basket of warm bread + butter. I had a slice, it was good bread but nothing special.

I started with the 'Westcoaster salad', described by their menu as warmed Indian candy smoked salmon, sweet peppers, organic greens with goat cheese in maple balsamic dressing. I got the dressing on the side and didn't end up using much of it because the salad was so flavorful on its on! The little pieces of salmon were delicious and perfectly smoked and the peppers came roasted which complemented the goat cheese well. I would consider ordering this for an entree instead of a starter in the future!

Emily and I split the French pizza, it had roast chicken breast, pesto, grilled asparagus, roast garlic, the flavors were very mild but pleasant, I've never tried a pizza without pizza sauce before but this was good. I had two and a half slices of this.

And 3 of us decided to split a dessert -> a chocolate hazelnut silk pie which had a mousse-like consistency. The chef initially forgot to give us ice cream and when I asked, he gave us twice the amount. :)

It was the perfect amount of food and I left feeling full but not stuffed.

Later that night we headed downtown to the Sheraton Wall Centre for a networking session with the course alumni from previous years and I had a couple of drinks. In total I think it was only about 2-3 shots of Vodka but I didn't get home until nearly 1:30am. I woke up this morning feeling dehydrated and not chipper at all, hard alcohol definitely hits my system different than wine. The good news is I definitely think I'll remember this feeling in the future.

Had a yogurt and some apple slices before leaving for class. I took the rest of the apple slices with me and snacked on them throughout the day. (190 cal)

Breakfast was an assortment of fruit and a muffin I brought from home. Compare the size difference from yesterday's muffin! (350cal)

Wasn't hungry during lunch so I just had a handful of chips and a little piece of a friend's muffin. (150cal)

By the time I got home I wasn't feeling so great and wanted something warm to eat. I had a bowl of Cheese Gnocchi covered with Tomato sauce + mushrooms + onions. (350cal)

After that meal I had a really strong craving for some vanilla ice cream, but a skinny cow fudgsicle was the closest thing I had on hand. Wasn't a suitable substitution but my body wanted rest more than ice cream so I immediately passed out for a much-needed nap. (50cal)

Upon waking from my nap I still wasn't feeling great and assorted a plate of nibbles. The marshmallows ended up going in a cup of hot chocolate and I ate 3x the number of honey graham bears pictured. Those little things are super addictive. Believe it or not, I actually felt better after eating the cookies. (580cal)

Total Calories: 1670

My BMR is calculated between 1350 and 1450 and my daily caloric needs are anywhere from 1650 (on a very inactive day, typically a weekend day) to 2200 (on a normal school/work day without exercise). I know that to lose 1lb a week, you should eat a deficit of 3500 calories for about 500calories a day which means my range is anywhere between 1150 - 1700.

This weekend really burnt me out, I've felt sick all day and mentally clocked out before class was over. Discussion was going on around me but I just couldn't focus on what was being said. Even typing up this blog entry coherently has been challenging. I'm really grateful for having a day off next week from school and work (Remembrance Day) so I can just have some time to relax and catch up on readings and assignments. Lately the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of going home to Winnipeg at the end of December and do nothing but read a good fiction novel and maybe sleep in until 8am.

This week:

Monday: International Business Meeting
Tuesday: 486R meeting
Wednesday: Nothing so far! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
Thursday: Remembrance Day (stay home and do work) + 486R meeting
Friday: Real Estate Investment Assignment due + 486R case assigned at 5pm.
Saturday: 486R case due at 5pm -> weekend begins!

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