Friday, November 5, 2010

Pain can be delicious ...

Last night I worked really hard and managed to finish my paper! I'm really pleased with myself, while I know it's not perfect and there are a lot of literary rough spots, this first copy is only a draft for peer review and won't actually be graded.

This morning I tried a smoothie without the spinach to see if it would make a difference in the taste. I think I actually like the spinach better! (220cal) I always blend the vanilla ones in the morning because I know I won't be able to get it down if I made it with water.

Printed my essays at school (and caused a backlog at the printer ... oooooops) and then ran a few errands around campus. I mailed my mom's birthday card today but couldn't mail her her present (perfume!) because it was flammable. Who knew? By the time I had lunch (#1) I was super hungry. This was a WW sandwich thin with roasted red pepper hummus spread on both sides and some produce to munch on. (100cal)

Loaded it up with spinach, yellow bell peppers, sliced pickles, and sliced carrots! Operation clean out the fridge is going wonderfully. (140cal)

Forgot to photograph my afternoon smoothie but it was pretty baaad. Today I tried the Dark Chocolate flavor (the last of the chocolate sampler pack) and it just tasted nasty with tap water. I drank it anyway but these guys definitely are 100x more enjoyable when blended with ice. (180cal)

Dinner was sort of thrown together using what I craved at the time but it ended up being SO DELICIOUS. I made a grilled cheese sandwich (more later) and an excuse to eat a lot of onions.

Roasted a small head of broccoli and then pan-fried with a giant chunk of chopped up onion in teriyaki sauce.

This grilled cheese was THE. BEST. EVER. I'm not sure whether it was the fact that I used two kinds of cheese, or different bread, or the method of grilling but it was mind-blowing awesome. I used the end pieces of a loaf of multigrain bread and layered on each piece a piece of Edam cheese and a piece of Extra Aged White Cheddar. (Sliced tomato in between) I then grilled on the George Foreman for 6 minutes. I managed to burn my hand in the process because I kept flipping up the top to check to see whether it was done but the end product was worth every burning blister. (480cal in total)

And for dessert, I wanted something creamy, and chocolaty, and sweet. So I made another chocolate mousse parfait. Alternative layers of cottage cheese and chocolate mousse topped with a tsp of shredded coconut and garnished with four grapes. This dessert is the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Yuuuum. (200cal because I had some more grapes while making it and 3 little honey graham bears)

Total so far: 1320

Tomorrow is going to be an intense day of 486R, I think there's 14 straight hours of classes scheduled!

I decided that tomorrow I will try something completely out of my comfort zone and eat whatever everyone else eats. So this will probably mean, pastries for breakfast, subway or sushi for lunch, and possibly McDonald's or White Spot for dinner. I was watching this documentary on Wednesday night documenting different eating disorders prevalent in Britain, and a lot of Anorexics and Bulimics isolate themselves from other people by refusing to eat the same kinds of foods as them, deeming them "bad", "nutritionally void", or "inferior" foods and associating those labels with the people. Thinking back, this is exactly what I have been doing for the past 6 months and it's high time I stopped!

Before that though, tonight I'm going out to celebrate the EP release of my friend's band. It's been so long since I did anything fun and not work/school/meeting related and I definitely need to unwind a little. I foresee a glass of wine in the near future ... and maybe even a little Guinness? :) Be back tomorrow with an exciting (hopefully) recap post!

I hope everyone has a good Friday night!

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