Monday, December 6, 2010

1 more day!

So right after typing up last night's post I felt really sick and went to bed - which resulted in me waking up at 4:30am after eight hours of sleep. I didn't want to go back to bed because oversleeping makes me really groggy, so instead stayed up and studied.

Had an orange to last me until breakfast time.

Then, at normal breakfast time (7:00am) I fished out the bowl of overnight oats from the fridge that I had made last night. It's just a third cup of oats stirred in with a half cup of cottage cheese and a third cup of almond milk. On top is a big TBSP of peanut butter warmed up in the microwave.

Topped the whole thing with chopped apple slices.

Apple + Peanut butter + Cottage cheese is my new favourite combo. A good balance of carbs + fat + protein makes it a healthy snack choice too!

My bread supply is running low so I made a wrap today instead.

Swiss cheese + ham + Parmesan and spinach. I didn't get to eat lunch until 12:30 today because of a tutorial that ran on for too long. Breakfast was great at keeping me full longer than usual, but by 12 my stomach was seriously wanting food.

After many hours of intense studying, a massive SNACK break took place. I contributed carrot sticks, apple slices, basil hummus, and chocolate almond butter for dipping. The chocolate almond butter was a surprise purchase from the morning from the most UNLIKELY place ... a little pharmacy on campus. I was so excited to try it considering I had finished my dark chocolate PB a day earlier, but I'm dissapointed to say that it's far too sweet.

Z contributed a bag of Ruffle chips and a 'ponderosa' cake, which was a banana bread like cake with chocolate layers.

I wasn't at all hungry, and didn't eat very much of anything. Maybe ... 3 slices of apple, 3 carrot sticks, a quarter of the cake and 2 chips?

Still, that and a late lunch was enough to spoil my dinner appetite, by 7:30 my stomach showed signs of vacancy and I ate a 'dessert'ish meal. Half an apple topped with more cottage cheese and half a chocolate vitatop.

And a bite of scone with blueberry syrup.

I'm really tired from waking up so early this morning but don't want to mess up my sleep schedule by going to bed at 8 again. I foresee a couple more hours of studying in my future followed by an early morning.

Goodnight for now! I may not surface again until after my exams but who knows?

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