Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life of a college student

Gotta make this one quick, more studying needs to be done!

5:00am - Something sweet to wake me up.

7:00am - Sadness because of depleted dark chocolate dreams temporarily replaced by happiness that overnight oats have taken its place.

Oats, almond milk, chocolate protein butter, blueberries, and lots of caked on dark chocolate peanut butter.

11:30 - Eating lunch quickly while studying.

Low on bread, gotta improvise with a bagelwich.

3:00 - Lots of options of pre-exam fuel, ended up picking the Clif bar.

Candy keeps my mouth busy. And gum, I chew about two packs of gum a day presently! My jaw hurts so much I try to talk as little as possible, but it sure helps with the stress.

6:00 - Exam #1 done. Share jelly donut with unfortunate accounting friends.

7:00 - Quick dinner. Eggs over vegetables.

8:00 - Even quicker dessert. Cottage cheese + apple + chocolate mousse. Little thinking required.

9:00 - Snacks can't keep me awake! Give up and go to bed.

4:00 - Cram for finance. CRAM CRAM CRAM.

7:00 - Pre-exam fuel. Protein (Cottage Cheese) + Complex Carb (Oatmeal) + Fat (Peanut Butter).

11:45 - ROUGH EXAM. So brain dead. Eating lunch that took literally 4 minutes to pack.

Chick'n burger w mayo and ketchup. Too tired to actually taste.

2:00 - Can't study at all, decide to go home and nap. Realizes that there is no time for a nap, get stressed out and eat two pieces of bread covered with chocolate almond butter. Does not make anything better. Goes to sleep.

2:30 - Good decision! Productivity is at all-time high for next five hours.

7:30 - Need break, not hungry but eats anyway. Bad, bad intuitive eater. Chocolate peanut butter protein shake sounds good.

Threw in a mini-toblerone, two biscoff cookies, and a chocolate chip cookie for the heck of it. Oh man I can't wait until exams are over.

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