Saturday, December 4, 2010

100th Post!

Hard to believe I have been documenting my daily eats for almost 100 days! (Almost, because in the beginning I posted 3 times a day.) It hasn't gotten tiring or tedious at all, and kind of fun to see all the crazy eating phases I went through.

Speaking of crazy, yesterday was one of those days filled with health issues that while I would rather not get into detail of, just reminded me of how important it is to make decisions that you know will benefit YOU in the long run - because no one else has a right to make judgment calls about your health.

Anyway, the day started off nice (and stressful since I was trying to cram for two exams) with another yogurt bowl. Bran psylliums (I'm all out now ...) beneath a bed of greek yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, flaxseed meal, and half a crumbled vitatop as toppings.

Lunch was a chick'n burger with carrot sticks and cucumber slices. I threw this lunch together in about 4 minutes ... it's nice to have some go-to combos that are easy to prep and you know you'll enjoy eating. In the container is some tzatziki sauce.

The mushrooms really contribute towards a tasty sandwich! Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it because shortly after taking this photo I had my medical episode ...

Fast forward a couple hours later when I finally got home ... I was feeling really weak from not eating lunch but also felt too lousy to make myself anything substantial. So I turned to one of my favourite healthy comfort foods.

Apple, hummus, and cheddar cheese.

Later on when I was finally ready for dinner I fixed myself something that Al described to me that sounded amazing. It's french toast covered with ham and shredded cheese. I used a whole egg and a splash of almond milk to make the french toast, added ham and cheese and finished it under the broil setting in the toaster oven. He's right! It was good! I think it would've been even better if I added more meat and cheese but I couldn't stomach the thought of a heavy meal.

I had half of a piece of bread that I used to soak up the last of the egg mixture, I topped it with a tsp of cream cheese combined with a tsp of table sugar. It was like eating dessert!

Then for 'actual' dessert, I had an orange and square of dark chocolate. Earlier in the night Al and I discussed the concepts of 'fullness' eating and how one should never eat beyond the point of physical fullness - even if the food is very low in calories. He described that eating an apple and a chunk of meat the same size will fill him up the same amount, and just because the apple is only 1/3 the calories of the meat doesn't mean he'll eat 3 times the amount. I think this is very wise ... I definitely let myself eat (perhaps excessively) more of fruits and veggies just because they're low in calories, but isn't that just another form of overeating?

So after eating half the orange, I decided that I was (physically full) and even though my former self would have reasoned that the 2nd half is only an extra 25cal, I saved it for the following day's lunch.

Because of the events at lunch, my weekend schedule opened up and all of a sudden I had some time to just relax and rest. I watched a movie in bed with a cup of hot chocolate with my laptop and phone off so I wouldn't be distracted by emails and texts. It was so nice to have just a block of time allotted to catching up with myself!

And with that concludes my 100 post. There were bad times for sure, but the good times definitely outweigh them and I'm just excited for more posting anniversaries!

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