Saturday, December 4, 2010

Making the best of it ...

This morning I woke up feeling really out of it. I was supposed to have gone on a retreat with 486R that I've been looking forward to since September, and due to the medical incident yesterday, made the decision to rest at home instead. I had a few fleeting moments of "maybe if I pack my stuff really quick I can still make the bus!" before finally resigning myself to spending the day at home.

For breakfast, I fished out a box of chocolate granola from the garage. I bought the box in October and couldn't keep my hands out of it ... seriously, every time I went into the kitchen I would mindlessly snack on handfuls of granola so I had to banish it from the house completely. I'm happy to report other than using it for this meal I have not had the urge to eat any of it ... or any of the chocolate almond biscotti that I also retrieved from the garage.

In the bowl, half an apple pear, cottage cheese, tsp of flaxseed meal, quarter cup of chocolate granola, and microwaved pumpkin pie. (which was just a couple big spoonfuls of pumpkin and egg whites) The strawberry was for aesthetic appeal. :D I love lots of different textures and flavors in one bowl! It comes from being brought up on traditional northern Chinese cooking.

I tried to relax at home by reading over some notes but was in too bad of a mood, so I decided to pack a lunch and some snacks for the day and study somewhere else. Originally I didn't want to venture too far from home, but needed to pick up something from the pharmacy on campus so I ended up there.

I ate lunch a little before noon, usual sandwich with fresh produce - including the half orange from last night!

This one had spinach, turkey, grilled zucchini(!!!!!), and basil garlic hummus. Really fresh flavors. I don't mind sandwiches as long as I can mix up the flavors, and so far I've eaten them pretty much everyday for a month and haven't gotten tired!

Afternoon study snack was some carrot sticks with tzatziki sauce, half an apple pear, and a half decaf americano with cream.

There were some delicious looking cheese and blueberry scones at the faculty cafe but I resisted by deciding to bake some myself upon coming home. It was a good decision! I made easy 15-min oatmeal scones using the same recipe as last time and layered some cream cheese and ham slices over top.

That plan quickly fell through when I took a bite and realized I over salted the scone. I added half a tsp of salt but forgot that the margarine I used was already salted. I had to settle for sweetening it with blueberry syrup, and had the ham separately with a glob of mustard. The texture of the scone was perfect though, and while I'll have to eat the rest of the batch sweetened, was definitely a success. (I keep my expectations low)

Stomach wanted more food and I obliged by feeding it a favourite combo. Cottage cheese, chocolate mousse, cashew pieces with flaked coconut. Mmm.

Maybe a few more hours of reading before calling it an early night! While it makes me a little sad to think of all my classmates away on the retreat gaining monumental life experiences without me, I'm grateful for the extra time I had to just relax, study, and walk slowly.

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