Wednesday, December 22, 2010


If anyone had the misfortune to read my angsty post last night, I'm happy to say I am doing much better today.

It all started with a fantastic session of Moksha yoga. Everytime I am feeling down or dissapointed in myself, yoga does a fantastic job of bringing me back to reality and zen-ness.

That being said, breakfast wasn't consumed until nearly noon today, and it came in several parts.

A third of a pepper, baby carrots, and pinapple chunks.

And some strawberry yogurt/cottage cheese/berries/pear action.

I had to go to the dentist this afternoon and ofted for a snack beforehand in case I got hungry.

A handful of cashews.

Another third of the pepper with some dried (unsweetened) sweet potato slices.

And the rind off of a large yam. (Not the actual yam, just the skin ... I know, I'm kinda not normal)

The lack of protein did not tide me over very well, I was praying for dinner by 4:30.

Chinese food (stirfried eggplant/potato) xonsumed with a tiny port glass (portion control!!) portion of Merlot. See what's in my bowl? Multiply that by 3.

Dessert too was azn themed. Half of this green tea mini mooncake. (and then a square of dark chocolate found its way into my mouth too quick for the camera)

I just can't say no to Chinese food until I'm bursting at the seams. To compensate, I'm trying to eat clean the majority of the day (mostly raw fruits and veggies, some dairy) to makeup for my not so clean dinner. (Tonight's meal was swimming in a pool of oil) I'm also weighing myself every morning (OCD I know ...) to make sure there are no drastic changes in the wrong direction. A little drastic, but sacrifices must be made and they sure ain't going to be sweet n' sour ribs.

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