Monday, December 20, 2010

Pegcity eats

Yesterday was a day of travel and mindless munching, hence no post! However, I'm happy to report that I completed 6 days of gluten and sugar-free ness.
Overall thoughts: Gluten is not the enemy, and bread/wraps/oatmeal settles a lot better on my stomach than too much meat and cheeses.
Not having sugar feels great, naturally sweet foods like fruit taste a lot like dessert. I don't miss it at all and feel so much less drawn to chocolates and sweets!

Finally arrived at home and spent a night in my OWN BED on my memory foam mattress. Back problems BE GONE. Breakfast was light this morning (since my mom insisted on a midnight porridge w/ salted duck egg meal last night). Cottage cheese w/ strawberry jam and mixed berries.

So many yummy snacks at home. I swear my pantry is a vortex of junk food. I had a mini mooncake and a couple handful of dates throughout the day. (SO GOOD BUT SOOOOO SWEET)

Since breakfast was late, I didn't want to ruin dinner by eating a big lunch so I kept it light. Half a green pepper, baby carrots, and a seaweed salad my mom made.

Then after a fun afternoon coffee date, I returned home to the aroma of my favourite childhood dish (one of many) ... my stomach waited impatiently for an hour before I got to dive in like a homeless person. While it may not look appetizing, I assure you that this dish is OUT OF THIS WORLD delish. Tender chicken thins (with skin), asian mushrooms, and these chewy thick noodles. I had this plate (x3). OINK OINK.

Dessert came in the form of a Barlett pear, pineapple chunks, and berries.

Urfffff. Time to roll into bed!

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