Thursday, January 20, 2011

PSMF - 13

One day away from the two week mark.

Weight: 134.4 (-0.0, -5.8) Would love to hit 6lb by tomorrow.

I've been really tired lately from school/work. On top of everything, the weather has been miserable!!

Breakfast, usual scramble w extra cucumbers today (30g, 190cal)

Pumpkin mousse (5g, 40cal)

There wasn't any more food at home so tossed together a very random PSMF-permitted lunch. The last 6 pieces of cooked turkey breast, half a can of tuna mixed with dijon mustard, and a bunch of roasted broccoli. (28g, 200cal)

And no more food until I got home from school for dinner. Was so hungry by the time I got home that I threw together the quickest meal possible. A quarter head of red cabbage stirfried with lemon sole fillet. (22g, 120 calories)

Followed by a big bowl of pumpkin cottage cheese. (16g, 130cal)

Total: 101g protein, 680calories

I overate by 10g+ protein today, which I guess is what happens when I don't pack snacks for the afternoon. To be honest, today has been the hardest day craving wise. All afternoon, I craved a warm, buttery scone and could not stop thinking about it. Sweet like a cookie, dense like a cake, but hearty like bread. My refeed was last Friday, which means I've gone 6 days without a cheat meal. I can't do a refeed tomorrow because I'm going out to dinner on Saturday night and am using that as my free meal ... this is worrisome.

Lyle says that when your body starts craving carbs - it's time for a refeed. There's been a little voice calling in the back of my head for the past few days now, but I've been able to brush it aside until this afternoon. Can I really make it until Saturday night? Do I even want to? Lyle also says that the secret to dieting success is to BE FLEXIBLE when you need to, and that if you're too restrictive, eventually you will cave - binge and undo all your hard work.

One to think about for sure ...

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