Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PSMF - Day 12

Has it really only been 12 days? I feel like I've been on this thing for a lifetime.

Weight: 134.4lb (-0.6lb, -5.8lb)

The worst part about this diet is that I wake up tired every morning ... :( I miss bouncing out of bed 10min before my alarm goes off.

Usual breakfast scramble, ran out of mushrooms so subbed in broccoli. Crunch crunch. (30g protein, 180cal)

Today I wanted more food. 1 egg white + 1 TBSP of pumpkin + a ton of cinnamon = breakfast dessert. (3g protein, 30cal)

Veggies to munch on at school and work. (0g protein, 40cal)

Chocolate Protein Bread for lunch. This batch turned out dry as cardboard, but when you're on the PSMF, anything slightly sweet tastes like heaven. (30g protein, 160cal)

Felt seriously weak by the time I got home from work. Took 5 minutes just to walk up the flight of stairs to my room. In my zombie-land state, whipped up a concoction of random proteins and produce. 1 bag of shirataki noodles, 1 roma tomato, red onion chunks, and 1/2cup egg whites cooked in soy sauce. (14g protein, 120cal)

Unfortunately the onions had gone bad and were inedible. Managed to pick around them but certainly did not make for a satisfactory meal. (WHY DID I PUT IN SO MUCH?!)

This calls for dinner number 2. 1/4cup egg whites + 2TBSP pumpkin + vanilla extract + baking powder + cinnamon. Microwaved it for too long though and it deflated into a pancake. Still tasty! (7g protein, 60cal)

And same dessert as every other night. Lemon-lime jello w/ cottage cheese. (7g protein, 50cal)

Total: 91g protein, 640cal

So tired ... must homework ... blog later ...

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