Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PSMF - Day 11

Novelty is gone. Now it's a game about stamina.

Weight: 135.0 (-0.0lb, -5.2lb)

Feel so groggy in the mornings. This is so unusual for me. Still dehydrated, but think I'm getting used to it.

Today I tried adding cabbage into my breakfast scramble to mix it up. Bad call. Cabbage is not a breakfast food. (30g protein, 190cal)

Thankfully lunch was a massive portion of leftover spicy shirataki noodles w ham. (29g protein, 180cal)

Kept me full until dinner. Had an unusual craving for tuna so made tuna salad!

1/2 can tuna
chopped red onion
chopped spinach
hot sauce
1 slice fat free swiss cheese

In the microwave for 2 minutes until the cheese made the tuna nice and gooey. (20g protein, 150cal)

Eaten using red leaf lettuce. Sliced cucumber for that crunch factor.

Since dinner was light in protein, snack-age continued. First up, SF orange jello with cottage cheese. (5g protein, 40cal)

Followed by the shavings of a new baked pumpkin protein loaf. (5g protein, 30cal)

And then some cherry jell-o w/ cc. (3g protein, 30cal)

Total: (92g protein, 620cal)

It's kinda scary when I do the actual calorie counts of my meals. Tonight I felt like I totally pigged out but SF jello has the same amount of calories as a piece of gum. While the PSMF isn't focused on calorie restricting, I guess the weight loss stall has been discouraging and I felt the need to count today and yesterday ...

10 days left until the 3 week mark! I would be a happy happy girl if I could lose 5 more lb, but that's unrealistic, right?

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