Monday, January 17, 2011

PSMF - Day 10

Back in business!

Weight: 135lb (-1.0lb, -5.2lb)

While it's day 10 of the diet, it feels like the official start of week 2 for me now that my weight's normalized. To not get sick of eating the same thing every single day, I'm incorporating more variety into this week's meal plan.

Breakfast never changes though, that's cause it's so guuud.
4 eggwhites, 1 piece ham, 2 pieces turkey breast, 2 pieces non-fat swiss cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and lotsa hot sauce. (30g protein, 180cal)

Lunch at the office was the same batter as last night's protein pancake, except I had baked it using the toaster oven. This is a scoop of chocolate protein powder, 2 egg whites, two TBSP pumpkin puree, a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon, and almond extract. Also consumed the 3 day old broccoli from the office fridge. It was gross, but I needed more volume. (30g protein, 190cal)

Afternoon snack was a vanilla rooibos tea from Starbucks, alongside two mini cukes and half a bell pepper. (0g protein, 50cal)

Picked up one of my favourite 'diet foods' after work. Shirataki noodles! They are 1g carb and 20cal for a serving's worth and are packed full of fibre. I made a soup base of celery, red onion, and chicken broth, strained out the liquid, added in chunks of ham and the shirataki. For seasoning I used low-sodium soy sauce and more Frank's red hot sauce. (love that stuff!) Made two BIG servings, each having (29g protein, 180cal)

This was super filling, but all the hot sauce left me craving something sweet. I've been eating sugar-free jello as a snack lately (5cal, 0g carbs) and read about a dessert using jello and cottage cheese. Tonight I used a container of lemon-lime jello and mixed it with a TBSP of non-fat cottage cheese. It was surprisingly tasty! Kinda like cheesecake. (3g protein, 30cal)

Total: 92g protein, 630 cal

I feel fuller than normal from the shirataki noodles. This week shouldn't be too hard now that I have more foods to play with, and I also have dinner to look forward to on Saturday night! Dine-out Vancouver starts this weekend!! So excited!

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