Sunday, January 16, 2011

PSMF - Day 7, 8, 9

Hello, I'm still on the diet! I got pretty sick over the weekend though (which may or may not have been a good thing on the PSMF)

Friday - carb refeed/stuff-my-face-with-food day.

Weight: 134.8 (-0.0lb, -5.4lb)

Did I stick to the plan I made on Thursday night? Absolutely not ... I wanted to utilize my refeed day and incorporated carbs into all 3 meals (along with snacks).

Breakfast, part 1 - the usual egg white scramble (150cal)

Part 2 - a very small sliced gala apple w/ chocolate granola, this was heaven after zero sugar in a week! (150 cal)

My mid-morning snack consumed in finance class was chamomile tea, a clif bar, and a couple of SF ricola for my aching throat (250cal)

By the time I got to work, I wanted a cookie but knew that it would contain too much fat for the re-feed, settled for the next best thing! A low-fat blueberry muffin from Tim Hortons. (290cal)

A co-worker wanted Starbucks mid-afternoon and I utilized this opportunity to grab a tall vanilla rooibos tea latte. (non-fat) Eaten alongside another Clif bar. (370 cal)

Right before I left the office I had a tupperware of overnight oats. (350cal)

It was after the latte that I started feeling really gross, bloated, and nauseous. Having spent so long without starchy carbs and dairy really did one on my digestive system ... I think I might be lactose-intolerant?

There were plans to go out for pasta but because of my cold/funky stomach, we decided to stay in and order sushi instead.

The spread of teriyaki chicken don, oyako don, and a california roll, unagi roll, yam tempura roll, and beef teriyaki roll.

I had two small bowls of the oyako don and 1 piece each of the rolls. (~600cal)

Unpictured eats included 2 glasses of a delicious Zinfandel and a bowl of frozen green grapes. (400 cal)

My pig-out total was: 2560 calories

All in all, I probably didn't need to eat as much as I did, and I think I ingested too much fat for McDonald's guidelines. (no more than 50g for the day) I was supposed to hit ABOVE maintenance and was aiming for 2000+ cal, guess I didn't realize I overshot until I added up all the evidence! Next week will be better.

Saturday, I woke up feeling horrible and sick. Stomach was very unhappy from the excessive eating/drinking.

Weight: 138.0 (+3.2lb, -2.2lb)

This was expected after the late-night pig-out sesh, in addition to the water retention from the excess carbs. Sure was a motivator to go back to my dieting ways though.

Usual breakfast scramble. (30g protein)

Protein pancakes for lunch. 1 scoop chocolate whey protein + 2 egg whites + cinnamon + vanilla extract + baking powder. (30g protein)

Chicken wraps for dinner. (12g protein)

Fat-free cottage cheese for dessert w a blob of sugar-free jam on top. (7g protein)

Sunday I woke up feeling much better. Throat and tummy were both calmer.

Weight: 135.8 (-2.2lb, -4.4lb)

Breakfast was my lazy ass trying to recreate Saturday's protein pancakes in the microwave with cottage cheese. I used 1/2cup cottage cheese, 2 egg whites, and 1/2 scoop protein powder and nuked the concoction for 1 minute. (31g protein) It was disgusting, but I ate it anyway.

Lunch was less of a flop - last week's leftover chicken scramble w cabbage/eggplant. Threw in some lettuce over-top for good measure. (30g protein)

I didn't eat this, but Al wanted instant noodles for lunch. I whipped up something much healthier! Soba noodles w roasted broccoli and an over-easy egg in chicken broth. I know, I'm such a good gf. ;)

Dinner was more chicken wraps. I really like them!

Basically I put a slice of deli chicken on a big lettuce leaf, drizzle dijon mustard overtop and add cucumber/tomato slices. (12g protein)

For dessert, a protein pancake. (Enhanced w a tablespoon of pureed pumpkin!) (10g protein)

All in all, while my first refeed may have been a bit of a flop, I feel that the next week should be easier now that I'm used to this feeding pattern. Considering my post re-feed weight loss of week 1 was more than 4lb, I'm hoping that these results will continue!

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