Thursday, January 13, 2011

PSMF - Day 6

Weight: 134.8 (-1.0lb, -5.4lb)

I'm sick. It's not pleasant.

Today has been the hardest day for me on the PSMF so far. Both physically and psychologically. I woke up with an extremely dry throat and without a voice. Made myself go to school anyway. Tgu saaad.

Had absolutely 0 appetite for breakfast, but lunch wouldn't have been until 1:00pm so I made myself eat. The usual egg-white/ham scramble with extra cucumbers this morning. (30g protein)

I had packed the last of my chicken soup for lunch and was looking forward to eating it. However, some point between my 1st and 2nd classes, the lid opened and all the liquid drained out of the container and in to my purse! Everything in my bag was DRENCHED. Textbooks, notes, agenda, wallet ... thankfully my camera and ipod survived the ordeal, but having everything soggy and smelling like chicken soup WAS NOT ideal. Lunch, therefore was chicken soup sans soup and w/ the last minute addition of broccoli. (22g protein)

My throat hurt, and I was frustrated with the whole purse situation. Some random club or another decided to give out free GIGANTIC cookies today - the soft, chewy kind with giant chunks of chocolate. Greeeat. At one point I asked my friend Brian if I could smell his cookie. It was THAAAT bad. I had an enormous craving for a McDonald's strawberry sundae too.

Eventually I decided to just go home instead of going to my last class. When I got home, I wanted something sweet so badly. In fact, I seriously considered eating an apple. After a short period of inner turmoil in the kitchen, my landlord offered me some cherry tomatoes. Apparently this whole time I thought tomatoes were off limits because they are technically a fruit, but after double checking, they are an ok food! Carrots on the other hand, are not allowed due to their starchiness and high carb content - oops.

Instead of an apple, I made chicken lettuce wraps as a snack and had 2x the amount shown here. Lettuce + Mustard + 1 slice deli chicken + 2 cherry tomatoes + 1 slice pickle. (12g protein)

Had all intention of doing homework, but accidentally took a nap. Decided to get dinner out of the way before homework (major procrastination) and made the same spicy eggplant/cabbage stir fry as two nights ago. Had 3 bites before deciding that I really didn't want to eat it. (~3 g protein?)

Saved for lunch tmr instead and made a protein smoothie. 1 scoop chocolate whey protein (low carb) + 1 cup water + 6 ice cubes. (22g protein)

Total: 89g protein

I feel like I just barely survived today. Luckily, tmr is my 1st refeed!

Once a week on the PSMF, McDonald insists cat 2 dieters take a 5+ hour carb refeed of mostly starchy carbs and very little fats. This raises lowered muscle glycogen and prevents the body's metabolism from slowing down so dieters can diet longer.

Starchy carbs he recommends include potatoes, bread, pasta, bagels and he limits fat consumption on a refeed day to 50g. (Ideally, it should be as low as possible.) Most people recommend taking a carb refeed when cravings are particularly bad. Low-fat treats such as frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream are ok as long as starchy carbs make up the majority of the intake and recommends that dieters use refeeds to treat themselves.

I'm planning on starting my refeed tomorrow night at 5:00pm. I need around 150g - 200g of carbs. Here's what tmr will probably look like.

7am: Normal PSMF breakfast
1pm: Normal PSMF lunch
5pm: Apple (17g carb)
7pm: Carb heavy dinner (Min. 3cups pasta) w/ wine (~150g carb)
11pm: Grapes (32g carb)

Might possibly sneak a cookie or ice cream into that routine somewhere. We'll see!

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