Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PSMF - Day 5

Weight: 135.8 (-0.2lb, -4.4lb)

So thirsty. So so so thirsty.

Today was a school/work day! More of my borderline inappropriate work attire. At least my feet were warm and dry.

7:00 am - Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. This was pretty much the same egg-white scramble as yesterday except I put in more broccoli. (30g protein)

12:30 pm - Lunch was the other serving of last night's dinner. (30g protein) I took a double dose of EC this morning (16mg/200mg) and wasn't the least bit hungry when lunch rolled around.

Mental stamina was good today, but physically I felt like I had no energy. Munched on these peppers while I worked.

4:45pm - Snack of cottage cheese/protein powder. (10g protein) This was gross and I ended up dumping out the last few bites.

I had a coffee date w Sam after work and wasn't sure what the eating arrangements were going to be. Packed a baggie full of broccoli just in case but being the idiot that I am, forgot it in the office fridge!

Sam wanted McDonald's. I had 3 options:

1. Eat nothing
2. Stay on diet and order $6.79 grilled chicken salad, without cheese, dressing, or croutons
3. Take free meal and order normal food

I chose option 1. Sam got two pies.

Eating out socially is something I still struggle with when I'm on a diet. Even though I am allowed to take 1 free meal a week on PSMF, I felt that if I don't have to, I shouldn't. While I could've paid for the salad, I really had no appetite (from EC) and didn't want to pay money for something I could easily make at home. Well - by the time I got home (around 8:50pm) I was feeling so out of it and light-headed that I felt like I was about to faint. EC is a dangerous thing. It suppresses my appetite SO MUCH but my body still needs food.

Wolfed down a bowl of soup in less than 5 minutes. (22g protein) The extra pills are psyllium husks that I will now be taking alongside every meal for my ... digestive issues.

Now I just feel drained of all energy. Going to vegetate in bed and work on some homework. Just one more day to get through before I can start my carb refeed. (more deets tmr)

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