Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PSMF - Day 4

Weight: 136.0 (-1.0, -4.2)

This morning I woke up extremely dehydrated and groggy again. I have to chug a bottle of water an hour within waking up because I am THAT thirsty. The good thing is, I'm not tired after I get my water in. Today is my day w/ 5hrs of classes so I opted for maximum comfort and my new EMUs!! Love them. Sooo warm.

Breakfast today was a scramble. (Intended this time) Broccoli/Mushrooms/Spinach w 1/2cup egg whites, 2 slices deli ham, 2 slices fat-free cheese. (30g protein)

Lunch was a turkey salad. Base of red-leaf lettuce, cucumbers, orange peppers, and topped with pre-cooked turkey breast. (25g protein) I brought a red wine vinaigrette from home and drizzled it over the leaves right before consumption.

Veggies for snacking. Brocco, cukes, peppers.

I wasn't very motivated by food at all today. In fact, every meal was kind of a chore to get in. If I could've gone without eating, I would've.

After class I stopped by the grocery store and spontaneously picked up half a head of asian cabbage and an eggplant. When I got home, I chopped up half of the cabbage and half the eggplant and pan-fried it with 4 chicken thighs. For seasoning, I added soy-sauce and frank's red hot sauce. Shockingly, this dish was DELICIOUS. Cabbage is a pretty boring vegetable, but add some hot sauce and it becomes phenom! Made 2 servings. (30g protein each)

Now I'm off to do homework and chug some senna tea. (Yeah, that's right.) So far, cravings have been totally manageable. Energy level is not bad considering I am deficiting 1000+ calories a day. Hope this trend continues.

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  1. wow your weight loss is going pretty good!!
    sometimes i find that eating is a chore too.. =[ love your new emus! make sure u buy the sprays so that they are dirt repellent and water repellent....